Which solution is best for waterproofing?

Which solution is best for waterproofing?

Seepage, dampness, or leakage of water maybe it is from the ceiling, wall, bathroom, or basement floor etc. it needs to be checked and fixed as soon as possible.

It can harm the entire structure of the building and can be life hazardous as well.

There are quite a few waterproofing solutions that are being provided by different companies.

There are solutions available for critical surface area like roof, external and internal walls, structure foundation bathrooms and other water bodies.

There are cement like substrates available which blocks the liquid droplets to penetrate the wall.

Waterproof putty an excellent hydrophobicity and water repellent also available for internal as well as external walls.

Additional advantage of waterproofing is that when it is applied on roof/ terrace it reduces the temperature up to 10°C.

To find the best waterproofing solution, we need to keep in mind some important points viz.

Permanent Solution for sufficient long time

Earlier used waterproofing solutions were not long lasting, now latest, and advanced technology provides assured, smart, and hassle-free long-lasting solutions for waterproofing. We should take a note of resistance of positive hydrostatic pressure of the solution we are going to use.

How much quantity is required for the treatment of waterproofing?

However, it is on case-to-case basis, but following estimation can be helpful.

Horizontal Surface

We need approximately 1 liter for 10 sq. ft. of area.

Vertical Surface

Fresh painting

We need approximately 1 liter for 25 sq. ft. of area.

Re painting

We need approximately 1 liter for 35 sq. ft. of area.


Precaution to be used while applying on roof of the building.

  • We can use moisture meter to check the original source of dampness.
  • Do not apply during extreme rainy day or during high temperature weathers.
  • Parapet walls can also be covered in case it is necessary.

For tiles of bathrooms, kitchen, and water bodies such as swimming pools etc.

  • Dampness can be due to high groundwater level, leakages in rainwater pipes and adjoining leaking walls of the kitchen and or bathrooms.


Ask for the warranty of the waterproofing solution from the supplier so that he may get a thorough check up of the site to tackle the problem effectively using the right product and better application methods. 


However, it depends upon the work to be done but the provider can quote accurate cost by checking the severity and scale of the area of the building which is to be repaired. It is always better to go for the best solution at the right time rather than to wait and later face high losses and expenses.


Before going for the treatment, we need to ascertain:

  • To find the Reason and source of leakage, dampness of the affected area.
  • The Volume of effected area.
  • Selection of right waterproofing agent as wrong selection can lead to reoccurrences.
  • Weather conditions.

For all these services an expert opinion is needed to get a permanent and hassle-free waterproofing treatment.