What Is Waterproofing

What Is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a process or a technique through which you can save your building and roof from the unnecessary damage which happens because of water infiltration. To keep your building dry from the inside and prevent water penetrations.

Waterproofing creates a barrier to prevent water from entering the building. It also reduces the humidity of the building and protects the integrity of the structure.

Advantages of Waterproofing:

  • Waterproofing serves to establish a better home climate for your family since it just requires 24-48 hours for form to develop on a wet surface.
  • There is a different type of waterproofing solutions in the list. According to the damage of the structure, Waterproofing can be installed indoors and outdoors.
  • Waterproofing adds extra value to your property, which is an excellent advantage.

Roof / Terrace Waterproofing Service

Waterproofing your rooftop is likely the most important step in the rooftop installation process to protect your building material from which it built.

In Roof waterproofing service extra layer of protection is added on the rooftop, which guarantees that no water gets inside the building or start damaging the walls and support beams to rot.

You can save your home from water stains on the walls and ceilings from Terrace waterproofing and mouldy and mossy exterior walls.

The different type of material is used in the terrace waterproofing methods such as base sheet, flashing, gutters, underlayment.

roof waterproofing
terrace waterproofing

Terrace Gardening Waterproofing Service

In this modern era, greenery is lacking, and we have understood the importance of the green environment in our surroundings. Now, most people establishing a terrace garden in the house; this a great way to connect with nature, and for that terrace gardening, waterproofing is vital so that it cannot harm the inner surface of the rooftop.

Terrace Gardening waterproofing solutions is divided into three major parts: surface Preparation, coating, and protective layer. In the first step, drill the part which is required to be fixed use, cement slurry admixed with DURA-EV, in next step apply a coating of DURAGARD, and in last apply a thick protective layer. All this is required for filtration and draining before filling the soil.

Foundation Waterproofing

It is essential to make sure that foundation waterproofing is installed perfectly the first time. Foundation waterproofing is the method that prevents water from entering a basement from the outside. This waterproofing method deals with the prevention of water entrance in the property along with hydrostatic pressure. You need that waterproofing system that does not harm the walls of your building by keeping it away from them and letting the water drain out safely.

The Foundation Waterproofing method plays a vital role in protecting the underfoot part of the structure from water entrance and radon protection and the correct products.

Foundation Waterproofing
bathroom waterproofing

Bathroom Waterproofing

The bathroom of the home is a place which is the wettest area and waterproofing in the bathroom is a must. The bathroom is not just a place where we are freshening ourselves, take a bath but also a place where we refresh and rejuvenate. The bathroom looks so disturbed when water is entering the wall from the gaps.

It is essential to get the bathroom waterproofed so that the bathroom leakage does not stain the house's pride and can block the movement of the water entering from the floor or wall in the bathroom and let the drainage water securely.

Swimming Pools Waterproofing

A swimming pool is a structure filled with water all around, often people come to their leisure or to exercise. Leakage of water in swimming pool is a significant issue that caused due to the flaws in the construction.

There are various ways to treat swimming pool waterproofing like epoxy-cement systems (It is most efficient to use as they create a solid barrier as a resistant layer, Cementitious Waterproofing, Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Waterproofing, Liquid Waterproofing Membrane, Bituminous Coating Waterproofing, etc. The cost of waterproofing the swimming pool depends on the condition of the site and the requirement of the work.

Swimming Pools Waterproofing
basement waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

The basement is a part of the building below ground level, and often there is a danger of water sealing in this part because moisture in the soil causes hydrostatic pressure, which causes cracks in the basement, and there is also the risk of damage to the property in many ways. So, Basement waterproofing is required.

Numerous waterproofing methods can help prevent water entrance in the basement, for example, Exterior waterproofing coatings, Exterior drainage, Box type waterproofing, Interior water drainage, etc. There are signs which tell you that you required waterproofing in your basement so, whenever you see walls are cracking and floor cracking, buckling walls, peeling paint, efflorescence, you need to understand that you need us to help you.

Sunken Portion Waterproofing

Sunken Portion Waterproofing is a modern waterproofing techniques that is cement-based and used in the kitchens, washing places (washing machine), washrooms (toilets), bathrooms to stop water leakage in underground pipes. Washroom and bathroom areas are the most concerned with waterproofing.

Kitchens, bathroom, and balcony are the most used area in the house, and leakage problem in these areas creates embarrassment for us and others. Sunken Portion Waterproofing can protect these areas and provide you a leakage-free pipeline. And to fill the sunken slab, CLC blocks are required that are proven as a great alternative to, Burnt Tar lumps, Brick Jelly, Light Weight Cinder, Coal lumps, Broken bricks, and AAC Blocks.

Sunken Portion Waterproofing
Brick Walls Waterproofing

Brick Walls Waterproofing

Brick walls waterproofing is required because water enters the bricks from the holes in the mortar and disturbs the whole structure of the property. In this case, you see cracks in the walls, peeling of the paint from the walls, and many more things.

The advantage of this waterproofing is that it applies to bricks, concrete. It seals the wall's cracks up to 0.4mm, and it is long-lasting than paint. The Brick walls sealing and waterproofing of homes improve the property's value by extending the life and adds extra glimpse.

Efflorescence Waterproofing

Efflorescence is a coating of several minerals like salt and lime that is fuzzy stuff in the white color (that is referred to as whiskers) mostly seen inside, outside of the walls and floor. It is a kind of common problem on the surface of masonry and concrete blocks of property.

This cause because of water infiltration in the wall and floor if the location of water infiltration is located then it can be removable with some modern techniques of Efflorescence remover.

Efflorescence Waterproofing
Rising Damp Waterproofing

Rising Damp Waterproofing

Rising Damp is a marvel where dampness starts from the earliest stage fiendish up through the brickwork and building materials by narrow activity, bringing about moisture seeming to ascend beginning from the earliest stage. The issue with rising damp is that it regularly goes on inside the walls undetected for quite a while, gradually harming the design of structures.

Early noticeable indications of rising dampness might be inconspicuous enough not to raise the caution of the landowner until the expense of the problem is proven by breaking down stumps, footings, stonework, and building blocks. There is a pretty famous treatment of rising damp that is Water stop Solutions Injectable Dpc (Damp-Proof Course).

Brick Bat Coba Waterproofing

The brickbat is a rigid material, just like a brick. Coba block waterproofing is the oldest and most effective way of waterproofing, in which brickbats are laying on the flat solid rooftop and grouting something very similar to a waterproofing compound with a slanted drain off the rainwater from the surface and prevent the leakage of water into the roof.

There are several benefits of brick bat Coba block waterproofing that it will be helpful to protect the structure from heat to keep the property cool during summer and prevents the leakage of water in the building and restrict the entry of moisture in the design.

brick bat coba waterproofing procedure
water tank waterproofing

Overhead/Underground Water Tank Waterproofing

Overhead Water Storage Tank is a typical Water storage tank as its name represents itself; these tanks are set over the head based on a specific height. The water is starting from the ground stage filled inside the tank through pumping. The overhead water storage tank is one of the reasons for the leakage of the ceiling.

The water enters the different parts of the building, for example, in the slab, beams, brickwork, blocks of the building, and can damage the whole structure, and it is essential to restrict the leakage of water in the ceiling by using the method of overhead water tank waterproofing in which concrete is the first step and the second one is surface preparation and in the last coating.

Cool Roof Coating

A cool rooftop is designed to reflect more daylight and soak up less warmth than a standard rooftop. Cool rooftops can be made of highly deliberate paints, a sheet covering, or brilliant tiles or shingles.

However, almost any kind of building can profit from a cool rooftop. For example, as we wear light-colored clothes that can help you stay cool on a sunny day, same with cool roof material designed to reflect more daylight and absorb less heat than a typical roof.

Cool Roof Coating

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