15+ Types of Wardrobes Offered by Us

Wardrobes are a fantastic invention that has ever made to improve the functioning, performance, appearance and storage aspect of a space. With a perfect fit wardrobe design with suitable size – a room looks well organized, maintained, disciplined and working in a manner. Our life is a sleek blend of choices we make every day – better the choices, better is the life.

To help us out in making superlative decisions in a short time, a cupboard act as a prime key factor – it aids us in untangling the mind that has lost in the confusion of picking out an article of optimal clothing for a day. A well-chosen bedroom wardrobe helps us to generate a feeling of joy and ease while wearing outfits.

A clothing cabinet has different sections, boxes, shelves, hangers and drawers which add appreciative value to the entire product – as they handle all articles together at a place.

What is a bedroom wardrobe?

A bedroom armoire is a life saviour for all!

As the name suggests, a bedroom wardrobe is generally fitted inside the bedroom to handle all the clutter resulted from clothes, shoes, dresses, toys, decors, and other items. Generally,

  • A wardrobe is made up of certain qualitative materials
  • Crafted as a box with a door to enclose the items for ensuring protection and security.
  • Doors can be sliding, open and fitted with hinges.
  • It polishes the appearance of a room by keeping it neat, clean and in place.

Since the discovery of a closet, a continuous change is seen in modification – time to time with changing trends and schemes. People mainly place their personally used items and garments in bedroom wardrobes.

History Of Wardrobes

Know when and how your blessing has been made!

Wardrobes firstly came into existence in the 14th century in the times of Kings, Queen and high society people like Royal rulers. They tend to use wooden made boxes – armoires to keep expensive and precious things safe and secure. At those times, especially wooden material was the prime source of making cloth storage.

On rising the fashionable trends and demand of more clothes in common people, it was noted that people felt the need of having a unit that keeps all fabrics safe. From then to now, it has been becoming the basic need and which is being provided in various, stunning and admirable fitted wardrobe designs.

Today, the entire world and each one of us makes use of various kinds of cupboards in different manners. Now, the industries offer customers to convey their needs so that they can act accordingly – no outer material and customization is done regardless of only what a client wants! Such kind of service is known as ‘Customization or Bespoke’.

Let us know more about it in detail:

Everything you need to know about bespoke wardrobes!

If you landed on this page, you must be looking for some furniture ideas, wardrobe designs, materials used in their construction and to know about bespoke fitted wardrobes. Earlier people had to settle for the less, they rarely used to get what they need!

A client considers many significant features before buying a perfect set for his home. But it is not all the times that he get what he wants – rather customers end up compromising with the choice they made even over a good value of money. This practice makes several companies lose their consumers over time by not getting an item of worth value.

We make memories with every item placed in our house and expect them to be as good as we desire and have spent money on that. To make this imagination true, the manufacturing industry has bounced back with enthusiasm and calibre by bespoke services.

“Bespoke wardrobe simply means a customized or tailor-made wardrobe that has been made only according to the specifications given by a client – a perfect fit for the needs and desires of a homeowner.”

A Client feels satisfied and content with bespoke designed furniture. Read below a few key points to enlighten your point of view regarding modular bespoke wardrobe.

  • Today, companies often offer customized products to attract more customers, to make them happy and to build good & valuable relations.
  • These are more personal and unique for a client – as the craftsman act according to the materials, size, colour, patterns, design and texture suggested by a customer.
  • Bespoke furniture, wardrobes, desks, tables and kitchens add expensive value to your life – because they are exactly what you dream.
  • Cupboards and all incredible items made bespoke are high in quality and utilize the space accordingly.

We especially offer special custom-made modular wardrobe designs for you. Whether you want a classy, traditional, combinational or a contemporary designed piece, our eminent experts delivers a pure work of art.

What type of material is used in making modern wardrobe designs?

Unlike ancient times, a wide range of expensive, standardized and quality materials contributed to making a wonderful piece of furniture. Some of them are commonly used in modular wardrobes. Read below the list of major materials used in making and furnishing a multipurpose wardrobe.

Wood : Modern Wardrobe

Wood Bespoke design

It is the most basic and common material used almost in every piece. Wood has certain types that we use in giving a perfect touch up and finish to our product without the fear of damage and humidity.

Cabinetry units for clothing and kitchen cabinets adapt for solid wood and its various types. Because it is far than best in case of strength, resistance, looks, texture, is available in various designs.

Veneer : Modern Wardrobe

Veneer wardrobe design

It of a popular type of wooden material and highly in demand by high-class manufacturers because it is having a superior finish and looks. It is a proven versatile option for different designs of a wardrobe.

It is typically used to make boxes, frames, shelves and the maximum sections in traditional wardrobes that can last longer for years.

Laminate And Lacquer : Modern Wardrobe

Laminate And Lacquer wardrobe design

Laminate sheets are used to provide a glossy and luxurious finish. They protect the outer surface from dust, rust, sunlight, and many atmospheric conditions. Lacquer paints can be alternatively used that give equal and efficient results.

Being water-resistant and durable material, people choose it more often. Whereas, laminate does not work well in long run and might demand repair and replacements.

Mdf And Plywood Wardrobe

Mdf And Plywood wardrobe design

To have an environment friendly and economic set of furniture, manufacturers deal with small particles of wood that has no use to design them into a plan and solid cabinetry units for clothes.

Installation can be easily done with the help of some DIY tips in case you work with wood materials. All you need to follow some instructions and safety measurements.

Glass And Mirror Wardrobe

Glass And Mirror wardrobe

These two plays an important role in modular wardrobe designs – it adds value and functionality to a product. Aesthetic looks and large appearance can be achieved with the use of mirrored ‘robes.

On the other hand, using glass as a locker shutter affects the decoration of the entire space to a great extent. It is a more contemporary and unique option that every one of you must try.

15 + Best Modular Wardrobes You Need To Know In 2021

From our best collection of modular cupboards, we have various types of wardrobes that can suit every taste of a client and every corner of a room. Sliding door wardrobes, hinged wardrobes and fitted wardrobes are top-notch set of furniture that people mostly prefer. Whereas open closets, glass closets and mirror closets are typical pick up points of luxurious and large homes. Let us discuss all kind of beautiful cabinets to store clothes in a gentle manner that will surely complement your place.

Sliding Wardrobe

sliding wardrobe design

“A smoother, sleek and graceful choice!”

The cupboards that are operated by slides fitted on the track installation in the doors are sliding wardrobes. Such closets are well suited for narrow and small rooms because slides do not require extra space to unlock the doors.

Benefits of a sliding door wardrobe

  • It makes the opening and closing of ‘robes more smoothly and easier.
  • Fits seamlessly at any kind of space – large or smaller
  • They give more fashionable and modular looks.
  • Quality sliding closets eliminate the harsh sound of scratching and a rough texture.
  • Sliding wardrobes provide a way more simple access to clothes and an optimal storage solution.

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes

“A cupboard that fits everyone”

When a closet is installed by fitting to walls and corners of a room according to certain dimensions that work perfectly for your room – it is called a fitted wardrobe. From floor to ceiling, it has been connected.

Benefits of a fitted wardrobe

  • Consider the type and size of storage solution you want and you can have that all in fitted wardrobes.
  • These are available in numerous designs.
  • Doors can be selected according to the space of your room.

Glass Wardrobes

Glass Wardrobes

“Reflect true beauty of your home with glass wardrobes”

One of the most amazing, aesthetic, durable and modular wardrobe designs is here in the face of glass wardrobes. When clothing storage solutions are furnished with the shield of various types of glass material – a stunning and luxurious ‘rode is designed.

Benefits of a Glass wardrobe

  • To make a smaller room bigger than the actual size, a client can blindly trust the idea of a glass wardrobe.
  • Glass colours can be selected and help a lot in changing the looks and decorations of a room.
  • By a transparent view of your items, saves time and energy to first open and then choose the outfit for the day.

Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged Wardrobes

“Take control of your item in your hands”

When the door of a closet is attached to it by using hinges – it can be called a hinged wardrobe. Being more friendly and traditional style, people prefer them more and the main advantage of such wardrobes is that we can manually fit the hinged doors.

Benefits of a hinged wardrobe

  • Hinges can be repaired and replaced following simple methods in case of any damage and loss.
  • An open view of the entire ‘robe including the most internal sections can be seen when doors are connected by hinges.
  • The fitting can be done from any angle easily, thanks to working hinges.

White Wardrobe

White Wardrobe

“It is where the fun begins!”

The colour white has its endurance and beauty that never fades away. White contemporary wardrobes are best to give a neutral, formal and more genuine looks to a room. The thing that made them white can be material, finish or paint done on the outermost frame of a closet.

Benefits of a white wardrobe

  • They give luxury, expensive and gentle aspects to an entire place.
  • If a room has other featured significant, with colourless or white doors they will stand out more clearly.
  • Glossy white lacquer or paints help in making vertical and horizontal illusions.

Corner Wardrobe

Corner Wardrobe

“Make every inch of a room functioning with style!”

As the name suggests, Corner or L-shaped cabinets for storage objects are built at a space in the corner of a room where we generally do not pay attention to providing an archive area. Typically, the middle section is attached to the corner and the other sides are spread across two alternative walls.

Benefits of a corner wardrobe

  • They look stylish, cool and best from the commonly selected designs.
  • Good fit for rooms with less storage area, and also rest of the space can be used for another purpose.

Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrored Wardrobe

“Start your day by looking at your pretty face!”

Mirrors are always there along with the side of wardrobes to transform them into a full performance and practical furniture. What if, we make the entire wardrobe with the fitting of a mirror? Without any doubt, they are graceful and the most beautiful choice to turn a room into a dreamy and fantasy place.

Benefits of a mirror wardrobe

  • It pops up the décor, art and charm of a room.
  • Double or single mirrors can be attached to closets – they will reflect the natural light and make a room look even.
  • Mirrored closets are an excellent choice for a dressing room.

Single Wardrobe

Single Wardrobe

“Do what your heart says, with a single built cabinetry unit!”

Give your room what it exactly needs. Do you live alone and cannot find the best suitable wardrobe for personal use? You must try a single wardrobe for yourself. It is probably you have been missing out for ages. Owning an own designer and modular cabinet for clothes is special in its way.

Benefits of a single wardrobe

  • It takes a very little space of a room – best suited for single person usage.
  • Easy to interact with and can be designed as you want at the best affordable price.
  • Single ‘robes are one of the interesting ways to keep your clothes secure in a sophisticated way.

Wardrobe With Drawers

Wardrobe With Drawers

“We store your goods with care and love!”

To keep everything in a single place inside a cabinet unit, drawers are in discussion for a long time. When a cloth storage unit has drawers fitted to it – a lot of small or large items, documents, pens, toys, makeup, and diaries can be kept inside them.

Benefits of a wardrobe with drawer

  • It makes the set of furniture conventional and more efficient.
  • They save the other space that we might have taken to place such tiny or medium-sized items.
  • A drawer changes the outlook of a wardrobe.

Open Wardrobe

Open Wardrobe

“Step forward inside your dreamy place”

Open wardrobes designs or walk-in cabinetry units are one of the most wanted kinds of cabinetry clothing units for people with ambitions and deep desires. Just imagine, walking down to your closet and picking up your favourite outfit. Here, an entire room acts as a closet.

Benefits of an open wardrobe

  • One can keep all belongings in a single place and own the space like a king or queen.
  • You can have more and more storage space for keeping clothes and other items.
  • It is easy to pick items in less time and space eventually becomes neat.
  • A room that adds no longer value to your life can be turned into a walk-in wardrobe.

Grey Wardrobe

Grey Wardrobe

“Turn your fantasies into reality!”

When a person demands a more contrasted and honoured look with a cabinetry unit for clothes. Grey wardrobe designs blend into all cream and light illuminate shades and provide a peaceful look that soothes the eye of a viewer.

Benefits of a grey wardrobe

  • A client can have both dark and light shades of grey for an armoury.
  • This particular shade does not turn into faded light shades over time.

Black Wardrobe

Black Wardrobe

“Black has a solution to all your issues!”

Black is always ruling over every other shade when it comes to styling a place with a commendable and outstanding approach without any extra effort. Here, the materials used in the finish and making cabinets for items are dark black.

Benefits of a black wardrobe

  • It makes a room look adventurous and classy – it ends up into a lifestyle.
  • Black suits with all colour combinations and a person feel free to choose a particular range of shades for the walls of a room.
  • Any spot, a scratch and unwanted strain do not appear easily on a dark material of a closet.

Small Wardrobe

small wardrobe

“Simple is best and less is more!”

To store a few important things, sometimes you want only a little storage area instead of a huge piece of furniture. Such cupboards can be customized with desired size and materials as well to turn them into a good essential for you.

Benefits of a small wardrobe

  • Less stuff eliminates stress and makes the mind free.
  • Small closets can be afforded at good cost prices.
  • It takes less time to find any fabric lost in a cupboard.
  • A room looks bigger and less occupied.

Double Wardrobe

Double wardrobe

“Not only clothes, but we also serve you with all other items!”

Who said closets are made only for outfits, uniforms, clothes or fabrics? You can place other items in your cabinet as well. Such as shoes, books, toys and bags. A double wardrobe is the next step to a single closet and has two doors and sections with equal efficiency.

Benefits of a double wardrobe

  • These are best to keep more stuff at a place that reduces the tension of seeking those things here and there.
  • When drawers are fixed to such ‘robes, the effect increases to a great extent.
  • Double wardrobe with a mirror attached outside help in dressing and flourishing the space.

Triple Wardrobe

Triple Wardrobe

“Style has no limits, and so does cupboards with triple storage sections!”

We know about single closet, double closet and now, we have reached to extraordinary but superior choice – a triple wardrobe. It is having a huge space for storing items. Generally, three doors are fixed and open in an integrated manner. Each section can be used as per your choice.

Benefits of a triple wardrobe

  • More space, more frames, more designs, more options and hence more easy life.
  • You can place stuff of family members or other essentials such as kitchen goods and groceries.
  • They look bold and expensive.

The Bottom Line

We can make use of a cupboard not only to store fabric and outfits but the items and necessary goods related to the kitchen, personal care, health and hygiene, grocery, books, documents and many large or tiny articles that can be kept inside this shielded unit. Several types have been discovered to serve every taste and need.

Each style has their speciality and efficiency – some are good for large spaces while other suits best for small rooms. Bespoke wardrobe designs and sliding door wardrobe designs add extra value to the life of a client. Lightening, colours and texture play a supreme role in the advent of an object. Mirror and Glassdoor cabinets that store our objects provide an aesthetic and natural illuminating aspect to a home.

The major service a clothing cabinetry unit provides is to keep all essentials in the safest place. You can leave your feedback on our website and feel free to contact us in case of any queries.

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