The Best Underground Water Tank Waterproofing and Underground Water Tank Waterproofing Service Provider in India

The Best Underground Water Tank Waterproofing and Underground Water Tank Waterproofing Service Provider in India

Waterproofing solutions for water tank makes the underground or overhead water storages not only secure them from any type of leakage and cracks but also protects the reservoirs from bad smell, algae, and weather conditions.

Water tank leakage can destroy the internal construction, paint, walls, and various parts of a home – whether the tank is under the ground or over it!

When a tank is poorly designed, it needs to be reconstructed and repaired to resist the further possibilities of damage. And it is accomplished through water tank waterproofing solutions.

Surface Preparation before Water tank Waterproofing

  1. Cleaning all the dust, dirt, fungi, leaves, oil, etc. attached to the surface. It will further increase the efficiency of the waterproofing solution.
  2. Filling the voids, gaps, holes, and cracks with a suitable grout solution for extra smoothness and repairing.
  3. Once the paste is dried out, you can move further with the application of water tank waterproofing solutions.

5 Best Waterproofing solutions for Water Tank

Through the shared joints between the plumbing area, bathing zone, kitchen, drainage, and water supply pipes and the underground water tank–leakage can occur at any moment. The chances elevate when either the tank or pipelines are not excellently joined.

To know and apply the Waterproofing solutions for the water tank is crucial as it may lead to severe destruction to the house and the people who live inside of it. Especially when the water tank is over-head; however the possibility of water-seepage is more in the underground water system.

Today, you will learn the various solutions for water tank waterproofing, no matter its position! These remedies are easily applied to all types of water-storing bodies.

Bitumen Solutions for water tank waterproofing

It is a widely used waterproofing solution and is popular for well-bonding with the surface of all textures. Bitumen layering over the cement, plastic, or any type of tank leaves instant effects and can make the surface secure from future damages.

Polymer-based waterproofing solution for water tank

This is highly recommended by builders and interior designers as polymer waterproofing can fix the other harms such as cracks and holes at the same time.

Before implementing this solution, make sure the surface of the water tank is neat and free from unwanted layers of any small organisms such as fungi, algae, and plant leaves.

Dr. Fixit Best Water tank waterproofing solution

If you are a regular reader, you must know how much we admire Dr. Fixit! It can do wonders and works universally, no matter if it is a bathroom waterproofing, roof, wall, and internal water seepage.

Dr. Fixit is an enduring, pocket-friendly, easy to apply, and extra-durable waterproofing solution! It is applied by mixing in the second component and which benefits the component in enhancing its properties.

Cement water tank waterproofing solutions

From several methods of making a water tank waterproof – it is the well-known temporary and rapid solution for a leaking water body. In this solution, cement is mixed well with the water for layering it over the visible tiny and large holes, and gaps.

It is important to add the concrete as per the depth of the damage and let it dry completely before refilling the water tank.

Epoxy cement waterproofing solution for water tank

For water bodies such as swimming pools, and water tanks – epoxy cement solutions are known to be very famous and compelling. The application of epoxy is quite similar to that of Dr. Fixit’s – this solution also protects the surface from any possibility of Sun damage and production of fungi.

How to repair a cement underground water tank?

It depends on the condition and the type of damage – always consult a good construction company for giving the ideal solutions of waterproofing.

What is the waterproofing solution for a PVC water tank?

You can easily protect the PVC water tank by maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene around it. Also, fill the filler made of polythene material for best and long-lasting results.

Give me the best RCC water tank waterproofing solution?

Clean, brush up, and treat all the cracks – use hydraulic cement for excellent waterproofing of an RCC tank.

The Bottom Line

Water tank leakage should never be ignored, even if it is just the beginning!

The problem can rise overnight, we never know! To ensure certain safety – you must keep a regular check on the condition of a tank for any joint breaks or cracks especially if the water tank is years older.

Employing correct waterproofing solutions for the water tank is where the key of a fulfilled objective is hidden. Many industries are claiming to give the best water tank waterproofing solutions!

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