Does waterproofing really work?

Yes, waterproof coating really works. It proves to be perfect in basement, roof top, water bodies, interior, and exterior walls etc.

Qualified inspection and proper treatment of the affected area goes a long way to keep the area dry and water repellent.

Preparation of waterproofing is also more important as the coating works only when it bonds solidly to masonry.

Besides the above the surface preparation is again most important where waterproof coating is to be used.

Choose right waterproof coating material.

Initially it is advisable that the level of moisture in walls and ceiling be checked from the qualified tester with scientific tools like moisture meter, which also helps in finding the source of leakage.

Study of Moisture level and other important parameters is necessary to finalise the right material for waterproofing on exterior and interior walls and roof top etc.

How the waterproofing material is used.

Preparation of Surface:

    • First of all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned.
    • In case substance like grease or oil etc is found, it should also be cleaned and dried.
    • Any damaged or un-even surface should made smooth and levelled.

Mixing of solution:

    • The material should be shaken well before using it.
    • The material is stirred constantly to make it smooth and slurry in a clean container.

Application of solution:

    • At least two coats are necessary for long lasting results.
    • Second coat is to be done after the first coat is complete dry. 

Testing of treated surface:

    • After application of the material on the affected area, testing for leakage is advisable.
    • The commonly used tests are absorption and permeability testing.
    • If the surface is not properly waterproofed and gets wet it can cause corrosion, electric hazards, or other physical damages.

At which stage one should undertake waterproofing.

Waterproofing should be done at the initial stage of construction as water leakage is not a small issue.

It can be a big problem later if not done initially during construction.

External walls are built to fill the spaces in the RCC frame.

Cracks in plasters leads to seepage of rainwater from external walls to the interiors of the building.

To avoid this seepage a high-performance waterproof coating is required.

Besides high-performing Waterproofing solution, it should be performed by a qualified professional or at least an experienced constructor to ensure effective results.

Waterproofing can also be performed during the painting process.

There are paints formulated with specialised waterproofing chemicals and advanced waterproofing technology.

They seal your walls against dampness and water leakages.

How does waterproofing works? 

Waterproofing keeps the walls dry and leak proof and thus protects them from moisture etc.

The protection is in the form of membranes, coatings or sealers.

Waterproofing paints are also available, but it alone is not enough to protect the wall from dampness.

Waterproofing products are available with polymer that keeps the surface clean and dried and help protect further damages in the future.

Waterproofing not only protect the surface but also keep it looking sooth and good.


Waterproofing is the life and strength of the building. It not only saves the structure but also it saves the money by avoiding reoccurring repairs for dampness and seepage etc.

What are waterproofing solutions

Waterproofing is not just an anti-leakage agent; it has a wide area of uses.

Waterproofing of a building is just like a vaccination which keeps it healthy, dry and maintains its stability.

Waterproofing is converting a surface or area from water absorbing to water resistant.

Waterproofing not only prevents water to get access into the structure / basement but also keeps it dry, thus protects the structure and enhance the life of tiles, paint, and plaster.

Waterproofing is highly recommended in the flood prone areas and areas having rainfall above the normal level.

It includes treatment relating to:

  • Crack sealing,
  • Anti-corrosion,
  • Moisture infiltration in areas like terrace, bathrooms / wet areas, basement, swimming pool and concrete structure,
  • Ageing of structure,
  • Weathering and to provide durability to the structure etc.

What are Waterproofing Materials?

Waterproofing agents commonly includes Materials such as PVC Waterproofing Membrane, Thermoplastic, EDPM Rubber, Rubberized Asphalt, Polyurethane, Bituminous Membrane and Cementitious Coating.

5 steps of waterproofing.

  1. Smooth the Substratum.
  2. Clean the Substratum.
  3. Preparation of sub-surface and coating of primer.
  4. Apply the Waterproofing Membrane.
  5. Test for Leaks.

Waterproofing Techniques

There are various techniques for using the waterproofing:

  • Liquid waterproofing membrane
  • Cementitious coating waterproofing
  • Bituminous coating waterproofing
  • Bituminous Membrane waterproofing
  • Polyurethane

Selection of Suitable waterproofing method for different area of structure is a wise step to protect the building from leakages and aging etc.

Quality waterproofing material gives the structure, walls and beams an additional strength and one is assured that it will last for a longer tenure for not less than 10 years. Using sub standard waterproofing material not only fail to resist water and dampness to penetrate into the structure but also weakens it further.

Which waterproofing solution is the best?

Polyurethane is the best material for waterproofing.

It can be applied on any surface evenly and seamlessly and it seals the surface from deep inside fill the cracks and keep it dry for long.

Which waterproofing solution is the best exclusively for external walls?

Isomat Flexcoat is considered to be the best waterproofing agent for external walls.

It gives complete protection from rain.

At least two coats of waterproofing material are necessary for longer protection to the structure.

It will cover all the cracks in the wall and will not let the water and dampness to penetrate and to affect the plaster and paint and will keep it dry. 

What is cement based waterproofing?

This waterproofing is a type of cement-based breathable coatings that gives concrete and masonry surfaces a complete waterproofing.

This waterproofing material is selected for its hardness and strength.

This is water repellent cement.

The hydrophobic concrete is made of Portland cement and It gives extra strength to the structure as it will not give way to water seepage. 

Waterproofing for roof, swimming pool and basement area.

For treatment of roof, swimming pool and basement Bitumen sheet is used for water repellent, and it make sure that no seepage of water or dampness enters in it.

It acts as a shield for water and dampness and keep the area dry for a very long time. 


As we consider the life of the structure must be for our lifetime and even longer.

So Waterproofing is the essential part of the construction of a building for its long life and for lesser maintenance.

Which solution is best for waterproofing?

Seepage, dampness, or leakage of water maybe it is from the ceiling, wall, bathroom, or basement floor etc. it needs to be checked and fixed as soon as possible.

It can harm the entire structure of the building and can be life hazardous as well.

There are quite a few waterproofing solutions that are being provided by different companies.

There are solutions available for critical surface area like roof, external and internal walls, structure foundation bathrooms and other water bodies.

There are cement like substrates available which blocks the liquid droplets to penetrate the wall.

Waterproof putty an excellent hydrophobicity and water repellent also available for internal as well as external walls.

Additional advantage of waterproofing is that when it is applied on roof/ terrace it reduces the temperature up to 10°C.

To find the best waterproofing solution, we need to keep in mind some important points viz.

Permanent Solution for sufficient long time

Earlier used waterproofing solutions were not long lasting, now latest, and advanced technology provides assured, smart, and hassle-free long-lasting solutions for waterproofing. We should take a note of resistance of positive hydrostatic pressure of the solution we are going to use.

How much quantity is required for the treatment of waterproofing?

However, it is on case-to-case basis, but following estimation can be helpful.

Horizontal Surface

We need approximately 1 liter for 10 sq. ft. of area.

Vertical Surface

Fresh painting

We need approximately 1 liter for 25 sq. ft. of area.

Re painting

We need approximately 1 liter for 35 sq. ft. of area.


Precaution to be used while applying on roof of the building.

  • We can use moisture meter to check the original source of dampness.
  • Do not apply during extreme rainy day or during high temperature weathers.
  • Parapet walls can also be covered in case it is necessary.

For tiles of bathrooms, kitchen, and water bodies such as swimming pools etc.

  • Dampness can be due to high groundwater level, leakages in rainwater pipes and adjoining leaking walls of the kitchen and or bathrooms.


Ask for the warranty of the waterproofing solution from the supplier so that he may get a thorough check up of the site to tackle the problem effectively using the right product and better application methods. 


However, it depends upon the work to be done but the provider can quote accurate cost by checking the severity and scale of the area of the building which is to be repaired. It is always better to go for the best solution at the right time rather than to wait and later face high losses and expenses.


Before going for the treatment, we need to ascertain:

  • To find the Reason and source of leakage, dampness of the affected area.
  • The Volume of effected area.
  • Selection of right waterproofing agent as wrong selection can lead to reoccurrences.
  • Weather conditions.

For all these services an expert opinion is needed to get a permanent and hassle-free waterproofing treatment.

The Best waterproofing contractors near me.

With the intensive development in interior construction companies and the continuous demand of folks to modify and deploy the structures with new techniques – the need for waterproofing is increasing with the equal edge!

Do you know what is waterproofing? Many of you may already have the idea of it.

However, we will tell you a brief introduction to the idea of waterproofing and waterproofing techniques.

What is Waterproofing?

When construction is under process or gets completed – a procedure is operated to make sure the exterior and interior walls/ surface or concrete remain unaffected by the water.

The process of making a layer or membrane with solid, liquid, or sheets to prevent the seepage of water is known as waterproofing.

Waterproofing solutions depend on the surface, material, and type of structure – according to which most relatable & effective techniques are applied for making it resistant to water.

Waterproofing Contractors near me: Best Waterproofing in Chandigarh

There is no doubt that in Chandigarh you will meet the waterproofing contractors at every 3rd step – but are they worth your investment and time?

You can always have a little idea from the conversation and waterproofing techniques a waterproofing contractor in Chandigarh is using. However, it cannot be all true from every side of the picture!

How can you make sure they will serve your building ideally?

It is important to have a little knowledge of the best waterproofing techniques in India, and waterproofing chemicals – this will help you in judging if you are dealing with the right contractor or not.

Things to take care when finding the best waterproofing contractor!

From our professional experience, we learned and implemented things to bring out the best waterproofing results.

Read the written below major aspects to be taken care of when finding the best contractor for waterproofing homes & buildings!

Latest Waterproofing techniques

The best dealer of making the structure waterproof uses modern and latest techniques – targeting more in less time will be the main objective of any highly valuable contractor.

Being a responsible client you need to know the waterproofing chemical name, waterproofing methods, and solutions somebody will add to the process.

Entire Waterproofing Protection

A good waterproofing contractor will not only cease the water incoming at a particular spot but will go for deeper research on the future possibilities of leakage.

Damptreat Buildcon, the best contractor of waterproofing in Chandigarh is well-known for its dedication to work for examining the complete area perfectly!

On-time Delivery

Before signing the deal with the company, you ought to go through the google reviews, customer ratings, and satisfaction for knowing the best answers to all possible questions that hit your mind.

Damptreat Builcon has a vast community of happy customers that are our foundation of trust with other clients and they motivate us to do better and better every day.

Damptreat Buildcon – Leading in Waterproofing Industry

Not only in Tricity or Chandigarh, if you reside in any place in the country, know that Damptreat Buildcon is one of the best & leading contractors of waterproofing in India.

With the 10 years of experience in the industry, the services and results of each speak for themselves!

Versatile services provided by the company include:

Interior and Exterior waterproofing, construction services, wardrobe construction of different types plus every kind of waterproofing (basement, swimming pool, wall, roof or kitchen, etc.) is offered on valid value by the best waterproofing company.

The entire team works as a pillar, listens & responds to the client accordingly in a correct approach. For any queries and waterproofing services you can always leave us a text in the comment box, you can call us (9878140003) and WhatsApp us anytime.

The Best Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions and Bathroom Waterproofing Service Provider in India

Bathroom waterproofing solutions are one of the most important concerns that people must think of, without making the bathing zone water-resistant we may face a lot of trouble in the future.

The entire area of the bathroom is related to a water source – leaking of water in the bathroom could cause spots, dark stains, and dampness in that area.

For maximum benefits, you must take the best bathroom waterproofing services while the construction is under process however the mechanism of waterproofing solutions for bathrooms can be done on an old and existing building.

What is Bathroom Waterproofing?

Waterproofing a bathroom or a shower area means to make the walls, ceilings, and floor of the bathing area impermeable to the water seepage.

Our entire bathing area is related to water and if we did any carelessness in taking care of its dampness it may lead to great damage and expenses!

Generally in India, the months of July, August, September, October, and November bring dry air, excessive sunlight, and rain with them.

Indian climate can be unpredictable sometimes due to unbalanced global calamities – we suggest you take proper account of waterproofing solutions for bathrooms according to the Indian weather.

Why Bathroom waterproofing solutions are Important to Consider?

Since the bathroom remains exposed to water 24X7 – there could be the possibility of leaking at any moment especially if the house does not apply the water-resistant elements during construction.

Water leakage does not only make the surface wet and dirty but leaves marks behind that are more annoying and disappointing.

It can ruin the tiles, ceramic installation, grout joint, paints, and other finishes – so you will eventually feel trapped between higher costs and bathroom repair.

And therefore, to stand at the safest and secure side bathroom waterproofing solutions are important to talk about – since here is the place where moisture is a constant thing.

If you think the water leakage is small, necessary steps must be taken as soon as possible before it could cause further interior damage.

Bathroom waterproofing solutions

Most of the leaking problems in bathrooms come from poor construction, fitting, material, and design – we help you to overcome all possible reasons to make a bathroom fully water-resistant.

We have given the different methods of waterproofing solutions for bathrooms – go through each one of them to have a piece of precise knowledge on bathroom waterproofing.

Self-Adhesive Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions

Self-adhesion is one of the easiest, most effective, and most professional recommended bathroom waterproofing services – these are sealing solutions made by elastic self-glued technology and work great to prevent the water from incoming to walls and floors.

You can directly apply the product to walls and floors without using extra liquid solutions. It is time-saving, easy to apply, and brings instant results.

Polymer waterproofing solutions for bathrooms

This method includes the removal of tiles, bricks, or any additional surface material you have fitted to the walls or floor. Before elimination of the tiles makes sure the plumbing system is all, okay otherwise you may face certain issues.

Polymer bathroom waterproofing solution is the easiest and long-lasting method – all you need is to apply the polymer coating nicely up to 2- 3 layers and lay the tiles. Fix them with grout and seal perfectly.

If you are implementing waterproofing on the existing bathroom – you may be need to remove the tiles. However, it depends on the level of leakage issue. You probably need to redo the installation of floor, plumbing, and drainage if the problems are excessive.

Basic Hacks to prevent Bathroom Leakage

Prevention is always better than the cure and proper planning can make the bathroom free from possible damage and water leakages. Read the given below basic tips to bring essential bathroom moisture protection for durability and endurance.

Construction Materials:

Always ask your designers and builders about the type of material they are using as a bathroom fitting. Are they prone to water? Always choose inorganic materials such as ceramic tiles, stone, marble, granite, plastic, etc.

Plumbing and Drainage:

Hire an expert for the drainage and bathroom plumbing fitting as it becomes one of the major causes of bathroom leakage. Professional knows how to direct water lines in a way that brings moisture to the walls, ceilings, and floor.

Perpendicular Junction:

You may never know this term until now, the baseboard! If the baseboard material and moldings are not only aesthetic but also remain unaffected from water, you can ensure the endurance of bathroom floors and walls.

Fill the cracks and holes:

Keep a regular check for breakages, cracks, and holes – caulk it with the effect of sealing liquid, tape, or a caulk! Silicon is the best caulk tube designed for both bathrooms and kitchens to ensure the ideal protection.

Best Bathroom Waterproofing Services

Now you know all the necessary things about bathroom waterproofing and how important the role of a professional fitter and constructer plays in the entire water-seepage process. You must always make deals with experts – and DampTreat Builcon is one of the great leading industries giving the best waterproofing services all around India.

You are just one call away to have the ideal and effective waterproofing solutions

The Best Foundation Waterproofing Solutions and Foundation Waterproofing Service Provider in India

In construction and building, foundations are the main heroes on which an entire scope of the building is predicted. Waterproofing foundation walls ensure any danger of incoming moisture, cracks, damage, and liquid seepage.

It generally occurs due to heavy rainfall, snowfall, sunlight, or even draught – however, we have also mentioned many other reasons and the respective solutions of the same.

Foundation waterproofing is sometimes called Basement waterproofing because it has a direct relation to basement areas, walls, and the interior structure of the building.

When the basement and the foundation of your home are impenetrable to water – you gain good peace of mind.

What is foundation waterproofing?

When concrete foundations start taking moisture and water to an extent that causes leakage and major harm – it is said as foundation leakage. And the mechanism of making the surface free from all danger of water penetration is known as ‘foundation waterproofing’.

The process of basement or foundation waterproofing includes a protection membrane, wall, or layer that makes the structure durable and healthy enough not to take the water inside from an exterior source.

For this, we will let you know the best waterproofing solutions to shield the structure for over more t than 30 years.

Significance of Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

Foundation is on which the whole building is built – and seeping water through it could be the worst thing to happen to a building. And hence foundation waterproofing is crucially important not only for commercial buildings but for homes and apartments as well.

It protects the future damage to the foundation and entire home.

Water can enter your home or any property when a building faces leakage, foundation waterproofing solutions can prevent such bad scenarios.

Why Foundation Leakage Happen?

A little dampness can become a major issue for water leakage –we must be concerned about the issue from its initial indications. Let us know how and from where this all water-seepage begins to happen.

Common Reasons of Foundation Water Leakage

We all know that concrete, soil, cement, and sand are not resistant to water but highly absorbent of the same. It encourages water elements to go deep down into the basement which gives rise to leaking water issues.

  • Poor Building Construction Planning.
  • Type of Soil – the soil that contracts and absorbs the moisture could increase chances of leakage.
  • Improper fitting of plumbing pipes can raise foundation leakage.
  • Tree trunks can grow into the foundation spot when they are not water properly.
  • Give water to your lawn and ground especially during summer, so that soil does not dry out and cause cracks, breakages, or holes.

Best waterproofing solutions – Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing is done in several ways depending on the industry you are choosing to work with. Damptreat Buildcon is a specialized company in giving the essential and most effective waterproofing solutions of all types.

Basement waterproofing or foundation waterproofing is done in two ways, categorized as:

Primary methods and Secondary methods

In the Primary method, the constructor will add a protection layer or primer to the existing foundation depending on the material and the damage, the product will be used.

Second waterproofing is done by constructing a wall membrane that resists the water by covering the foundation wall, membranes, and primary waterproofing as well.

Waterproofing Solution for a Foundation or basement is typically done based on three major aspects:

Internal Plumbing System Solution

Sometimes when the internal plumbing system is not fixed finely – it needs to be redesigned or fixed as per the present conditions of the basement construction.

Liquid membranes or some strong waterproofing chemicals are also applied in a few cases when there is a need for plumbing waterproofing in the foundation.

Making Foundation Walls waterproof

Water pipes do not only move inside the ground but also through the walls – it can cause dampness and leakage in foundations. Typically, concrete is not waterproof, and to make the foundation wall resistant to water, and humidity – we first need to make the concrete water-repulsive.

They are sprayed from waterproofing chemicals and primers – from top to bottom, horizontal to vertical!

Drainage Solution

Proper drainage has a huge role in waterproofing solutions, no matter how good chemical layers, membrane, or solutions you are applying – it could further cause leakage over time – if you have had no proper drainage to the foundation.

In this type of foundation waterproofing solution, we aim to move the drainage pipes and entire system away from the base of the building to make sure it remains unaffected from any moisture.

Can I do Foundation Waterproofing?

Yes, you can do waterproofing of your foundation as long as you are an EXPERT or a certified constructer! Are you?

If yes, go for it, you better know all the procedures of making a basement and foundation area resistant to moisture.

It is a large-scale civil project which is to be done by a team of professionals only!

Waterproofing Solutions near me

Are you looking for the best waterproofing solutions nearby? DampTreat Buildcon is one of our best waterproofing solutions providers with years of experience in the industry. They have a great policy of work and customer services, the entire team have work ethics and practical knowledge.

The Best Terrace Gardening Solutions and Terrace Gardening Service Provider in India

Terrace waterproofing solutions can increase the lifespan of roofs, ceilings and an entire construction – the intensive sunlight, weather changes, rain, snow or moisture can highly affect the base material of a terrace.

If a building is not ideally shielded with waterproofing solutions for the terrace, it could cause you to harm in a long run!

Today, we are going to talk on the very interesting subject matter that is – terrace gardening waterproofing solutions. But before that, let us bring light to the basic information on what terrace gardening exactly is.

What is Terrace Gardening?

Terrace Gardening is something when you plant your garden on the rooftop and terrace– it could be flowers, veggies, beans, coffee, and anything you like.

Generally, to do plantation on the ceiling of rooms and home construction, this creative way of bringing harmless and chemical-free eatables to the table is known as ‘Terrace Gardening or Roof Plantation’

Terrace Gardening is a great way of running a naturally friendly and safe business – which can benefit both physically, mentally, and financially as it leaves positive results on body, mind and brings value to your investment!

Bring your kids to the terrace garden and enjoy the liveliness nature has to offer. Let us now discuss the major part – the waterproofing solution for the terrace.

Why Terrace Waterproofing is important?

There is no doubt is saying, “Where there are plants, there is a possibility of dampness.”

Plants cannot grow well and nutritious without the essential elements – water and sunlight are what bring them to a proper essence!

Daily sharp air brings moisture, the sun brings heat, rain brings water and so on – this could not only anguish the quality of plants’ output but can make the base construction prone to bring water in concrete which could cause humidity, spots, and shorten the life span.

We don’t expect our garden to grow with nurturing and balanced properties without giving them what they intensively need, we mean to say, no gardener can stop watering plants to avoid leakage of roofs and terraces.

Best Terrace Waterproofing Solutions – Water-resistant Terrace Gardening

If you are planning to make a beautiful garden on the rooftop, make sure to have a proper check regarding its water-resisting strength.

Since terrace gardening is widely adopted by the people of India, we are hereby listing the best terrace waterproofing solutions according to Indian Climate.

Till the end of the discussion, you will also know the most effective and standard terrace waterproofing services of the country.

Dr. Fixit terrace waterproofing solutions

Dr. Fixit is well known Interior and Exterior designers’ first favorite terrace waterproofing solution. It is specifically designed from the viewpoint of Indian weather and hence stands out to be efficient for new as well as waterproofing solutions for the old terrace.

We consider it as one of the best terrace waterproofing solutions because you don’t need to involve other elements to make a strong paste. Simply apply the solution evenly over the existing surface.

Benefits of Dr. Fixit Terrace Waterproofing Surface:

  • Fixit is heavy-duty, durable, and long-lasting – it lasts more than 10 years after finishing the layer over the terrace.
  • Waterproofing solutions for terrace when done with Dr. Fixit, you can sure the all-around protection of surface even from algae, UV rays, fading, mildew, and efflorescence.
  • The ease of its application has made people stress-free, even the newbie can shield and give the roof the best terrace waterproofing services just by using a roller or a brush.
  • By choosing Dr. Fixit, we support the non-toxic waterproofing solutions for the terrace.
  • If the surface has crackers and breakages, Dr. Fixit can easily repair them – thus ideal for if you are looking to have waterproofing solutions for the old terrace.

Dr. Fixit Bitumen Torchshield Layer – Terrace waterproofing solutions in India

Another best form of terrace waterproofing solutions in India is bituminous coating by Dr. Fixit, even though you can hire a professional who does layering other brands’ bituminous that will also be effective.

To provide the waterproofing solutions for the old terrace, remove the existing layers – also if the terrace gardening has tiles – remove them as well.

Torchshield Bitumen layer from Dr. Fixit is great for resisting the harmful outcomes on the terrace from the high as well as low temperature. It protects the rooftops from instant changes in weather or climate conditions.

It is a form of a polymer having excellent tensile strength – comes up with self-adhesion that makes it easier for anyone to do the mechanism to give the self-terrace waterproofing services.

Professional terrace waterproofing services

DampTreat Buildcon is an experience and professional infrastructure designer, consultant, and prominent provider of terrace waterproofing solutions in India.

Generally, where people are costed too much for making the concrete structure resistant to water, they have an extraordinary approach to fulfill the requirements at an acceptable cost.

Also, by choosing the DampTreat Builcon, you pick the side of nobility and trust. They deliver each project on time without compromising its quality.

They believe in hassle-free and clean work, therefore stand out to be one of the best terrace waterproofing solutions providers of India.

The Best Roof Waterproofing Solutions and Roof Waterproofing Service Provider in India

Waterproofing Solutions are important for roofs and terraces as these structures are exposed to the Sun and weather all the time. And which increases the chances of getting them humid, moist, and damaged due to many undeniable causes.

Roof waterproofing solutions can make the entire roof protected from the rain and snow – it will make the building a barrier between the cause and the surface!

You can preserve the terraces and open constructions even for a lifetime with the implementation of the right kind of waterproofing solution for a roof.

Importance of Roof Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing Solutions are crucial to maintaining the strength and beauty of a home, and Roof waterproofing is one of them that need extra attention. For increasing the life-cycle of your terrace and roof, simply gets the best roof waterproofing solution in India.

You can protect your ceilings from the spots and strains caused by changing weather once the home is done receiving the roof waterproofing services. The main advantage is that it is not a hard procedure; you can do it yourself very easily.

5+ Roof Waterproofing Solutions in India

Indian houses are mostly built flat from roofs and have terraces, they rarely have pyramid and loft conversions. According to the climate of India, the monsoon and the mid-year brings a lot of rain and humidity causing leakage to the roofs and terraces.

Waterproofing solutions in India are being developed day by day and the entire infrastructure industry is improving.  We have the best roof waterproofing solutions; have a look at the further article.

Bitumen Roof Waterproofing Solution

The solution is liquid in state and the flat or curved surfaces are covered with its membrane by rolling out rolling equipment It is one of the most popular and traditional roof waterproofing solutions in India.

  • Affordable solution for roof
  • High Performance

Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Solutions

Dr. Fixit is India’s number one brand for fixing waterproofing of various kinds and indeed it is effective to give waterproofing solutions for the roof as well. It prevents leakage, is non-flammable, and works great on walls and concrete structures.

  • Easy to Apply
  • Versatile waterproofing solution

Polymerized Silicon Vinyl –Roof Waterproofing

PSv or Polymerized Silicon Vinyl is a highly effective roof waterproofing solution used in India – it consists of highly durable and elastic polymers and consists of weather-resistant microfibers and additives.

  • Easily applied with brushes and rollers
  • Ideal for both flat and sloppy roofs

Epoxy Paints for Waterproofing Solution

Epoxy is a powerful waterproofing chemical as it has resins that naturally have water repulsing features and do not let even a single drop affect the surface. It is used by mixing in paint.

  • Protects the roof from harming rain acids
  • Gives a smooth and luxe finish

Acrylic Roof Waterproofing Solution

Acrylic is a solution similar to epoxy but is elastic. It is widely used by artists and painters for making long-lasting paintings and art. When applied on roofs, it repels the water and makes the terrace waterproof.

  • Easily applied on flat surfaces
  • Non-toxic and Environment friendly

Cement and Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

This is one of the direct, easy, and cost-effective waterproofing solutions – a very thick layer of cement is applied over the roof, you can also add some water-resisting chemicals to it. On the other hand, a liquid membrane has excellent tensile strength that protects the roofs from entering the water.

Basic Waterproofing Solutions You Need to Know

We have read the professional ways of shielding roofs from water; now let us take a glance at the most basic but effective roof waterproofing solutions.

Keep the Roof Clean

Elements like Algae, Mould, and grass can boost up the possibility of humidity that further results in leakages during rainy days. To keep the roof clean, you can use the chemicals that act as a deep cleaning roof waterproofing agent.

Seal Damaged and Cracked Area

Cracks can open doors for further roof damage. Therefore, it is advised to identify the location of cracks and breaks and fill them with the adhesive or some high-performance paste

Invest in Reputed Constructer

Always invest in a well-qualified and professional builder to avoid future damage. Find a reliable and dedicated company like DampTreat Builcon for not only roof waterproofing but construction services of any kind.

Final Thoughts

As per the climate of India, it receives an ample amount of rainfall and it would be more beneficial if the roof leakages are prevented beforehand. And DampTreat Builcon provides the best waterproofing solutions to resist potential water incomings from breaks and through structures.

We have affordable and effective roof waterproofing solutions in India. With this, we care about the outer beauty and strength of the material as well. House Roof Waterproofing services are ideal during the repairing or just after finishing the construction work.

8+ Most common waterproofing problems and How Damptreat Buildcon is helping you by giving the best ever solutions?

 “To make your dream home/building stand the test of time, you need high-quality water proofing solutions. Read the blog to unveil some common waterproofing problems and how to deal with them.”

Having your own home in today’s world is no less that a dream coming true. You nourish our home in front of your eyes.

You take every possible effort to make sure that is the perfect place to live for your loved ones till eternity. Seeing your house being ruined by black spots or ugly stains is one of the worst nightmares we could expect.

Water seepage is the root-cause behind this that not only makes your home appear aesthetically bad but damages it structurally a well.

Seepage is one of the most common problems faced by the homeowners globally. The reasons can be many such as water logging due to rain, leakage in pipe, underground water seepage etc.

Even a small leak can trigger the structure damaging process in multiple parts and spots. Going for waterproofing services in the initial stages of construction is the best way to deal with this.

Let’s have a look at some of the common waterproofing problems and how Damptreat Builcon helps you make your home waterproof with their exceptional services.

What is waterproofing?

What is waterproofing

Waterproofing your home means making your home practically impervious to water. The latest waterproofing methods followed by waterproofing experts help to make your property completely free from moisture and water.

An ideal waterproofing plan not only mitigates water entry/seepage but also offers better plan for water drainage as well.

Why it is important to avail waterproofing services?

In order to keep a building healthy, dry and safe for the residents, waterproofing the building is critical.

Since the building will be dry, there won’t be any structural defects, no moulds and mildews, no chances of infection or allergies. And most importantly, waterproofing increases the life of the building.

Waterproofing is extremely vital because:

  • Protects the building interiors from water seepage and damage
  • Prevents many diseases such as mould allergy, fungal and other bacterial infections.
  • Keeps the structural strength of the building intact.
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Better resale value of your property.

How do I know that my home needs waterproofing services?

It may look like a small issue or a small leak, but you never know when this small thing turns into something big and uncontrollable.

Here are some red indicators to look out for that are the potential signals that you urgently need to approach

waterproofing experts.

  • Peeling of paint or blistering
  • Bubbles in your painted wall that carries water
  • Mildew or moulds or other vegetative growth
  • Your concrete façade has rust stains
  • The edges of balconies and stairs carry white stain (Efflorescence)
  • Cracks in walls
  • Rising dampness

Why do I need professional waterproofing service?

Let’s understand why professional waterproofing services are essential. It just costs around 2-3% of the total building cost but if not done, more than 80% of the building damage is due to water seepage only.

Let’s have a look what happens when waterproofing fails. The consequences are heavily vulnerable.

  • Structural Safety

Dampness and water seepage can cause severe structural damage to the building and if left uncontrolled, the building may collapse. This can further increase liability.

  • Uninhabitable

Failures in waterproofing may result in damaging the concrete, mould growth and other vulnerable structural issues that can certainly make the property uninhabitable. This means more repair costs as well as loss of rental income
(if any).

  • Leaks

Water leaks may damage the furniture, walls, carpets along with weakening the building’s structure.

  • Concrete cancer

The concrete in the buildings are reinforced with steel mesh or bars. Exposure to water and air can certainly lead to corrosion of steel that is pretty harmful for the building.

If remain uncontrolled, the corrosion can accelerate and can result in concrete cancer and may harm the building fatally.

Common waterproofing areas and waterproofing solutions

Now, let’s learn about some common waterproofing problem areas and how to deal with them.

1.     Faulty Roofs

Faulty Roofs

Terrace or the roof is the main part of the building that gets impacted the most by the extreme weather conditions such as heavy sunlight during summers, rainfall etc.

Apart from that, most of the homes have water tanks and other pipelines installed at the terrace. A small negligence can result in leakage and water stagnation.

If there are any cracks or gaps on terrace’s surface, this water may seep easily in the building’s structure and start the damaging process.

To avoid this, you need to avail robust waterproofing solutions that will help your property stay protected water leakages.

There are essentially two ways to safeguard. Traditionally methods include creating a slope using mortar and bricks that lead all the water away from the roof.

Other methods include using a thin layer of bitumen on the roof surface. Whatever method you choose, a waterproofing chemical is used in both the techniques.

Due to rigid nature of these waterproofing methods, they may turn ineffective over the years.

Damptreat Buildcon brings you modern waterproofing methods that can help protect seepage over a decade and you don’t have to take the hassle every year.

2.     Exposed Exterior walls

Exposed Exterior walls

Just like roofs, the exterior walls are exposed to weather changes round the year. It includes heavy rainfall, strong winds, UV rays etc.

Apart from that there are many additional factors such as leakage from water tanks, drainage pipes or the underground water harm the wall badly.

There are several factors that may lead to waterproofing failures on exterior walls such as:

  • Poor waterproofing installation methods
  • Wrong or generic waterproofing materials and chemicals
  • Incorrect waterproofing methods

At Damtreat Buildcon, we use materials that have best crack bridging ability and higher-degree of flexibility that ensures that your walls are 100% safe irrespective how nature deals with them.

3.     Weak Interior walls

Weak Interior walls

The interiors walls are not spared either when it comes to water seepage. Increased dampness from exterior walls or adjoining walls does weaken the interior walls.

This may also result in developing cracks, gaps and other similar things. Efflorescence is one the majorly noticed thing in the home which tells that seepage has already triggered.

Kitchens, sinks and the bathroom walls are the major spots that may result in water seepage as well.

The commonly solution to these it to get the home repainted every year which on the other hand is a hassleful process and costly too.

Damtreat Buildon’s exceptional waterproofing services help you preserve your home interiors and keep them pristine always.

4.     Balconies

waterproofing for balconies

If you have open balconies, it’s necessary that they should be properly waterproofed as well.

Irrespective of the direction of the rain, there are other elements as well such as weather than may impact the solidarity of the balconies.

If these are not waterproofed correctly, water may easily enter the building and enter the small openings or pores.

At Damptreat Buildcon, we completely understand the nitty-gritty of every construction aspect and offer you best waterproofing solutions.

5.     Windows

waterproofing for windows

Windows of your home are one such thing that makes it easy for water to enter. Whether open or closed, windows are extremely vulnerable to rainfall and dripping water.

6.     Foundation wall

foundation wall

The foundation wall is the prime component of a structure and water seepage is the biggest threat to it.

The ground water and the water coming down in the form of rain or snow may harm the structure of the building.

There may be several factors responsible for the occurrence of cracks in the foundation wall. Some of them are:

  • Poor construction
  • Uneven ground
  • Water seepage from soil
  • Soil contraction or expansion
  • Freeze-thaw weathering

Gradually, these cracks start wearing down the building and not only damage the interior/exterior walls but woodwork gets spoiled too.

Spotted a crack in your wall? It’s high time to connect with waterproofing experts for a visit.

7.     Inefficient Drainage system

Inefficient Drainage system

Facing drainage problem?

Having a poor drainage system may be one of the reasons that make water enter in your home. This problem is further exaggerated during the rainy season.

In case the water is evacuated and drained near the foundation wall, it will further lead to accumulation of water making the area more sensitive and moisture-prone.

It’s better to get your drainage system treated if they are malfunctioning.

Reach out to waterproofing experts at Damptreat Buildcon and say goodbye to wetness, dampness and other water-ingress problems from the root.

8.     Basement woes | Waterproofing of Basement

waterproofing of basement

Basements are notorious for being damp, dark and foul smelled zones. They lack the cheerful feel.

The lack of sunlight and ventilation avoid basement being dry.

Whatever be the reason, you need to opt for best waterproofing solutions to ensure that your basement stays dry and water should not reach the foundation wall.

Connect with Damptreat Buildcon– the professional waterproofing experts in the Tricity to dehumidify your basement today!

9.     Mould and mildew

Mould and mildew

Mildew and mould are two of the major and most common problems faced by people due to waterproofing failure.

They not only deteriorate indoor air quality but also pose the inhabitants on a high risk of respiratory disorders.

The exceptional services by Damptreat Buildcon ensure high-quality waterproofing services that eliminate any growth of moulds and mildews for years.

Damptreat Buildon- Your Waterproofing experts in the Tricity

Avoid fixing the issues yourself or using DIY approaches as you may further worsen the situation.

Damptreat Buildcon is one of the leading waterproofing experts in the Tricity has years of experience in top-notch water proofing and damp treating techniques.

Our professional team assists you in choosing the right products, waterproofing methods, techniques and right methodology to get started.

Customer satisfaction, quality-work, efficient and timely delivery is their USP.

Planning to construct a home or renovate it? Make sure to waterproof you site with specialist and future-proof your home for years to come.

For more waterproofing solutions, visit us at Damptreat Buildcon or call us at 9878140003 for a site visit.

How to do waterproofing in the bathroom? | Bathroom Waterproofing

To make an exterior and interior of a surface secure from the damage caused by water leakage, rainwater, surface water, and damping or humidity – Waterproofing is a vital practice to be done after completion or in between the construction.

The bathroom is one of the main parts of any house and it must be given special care for keeping it safe, secure, and hygienic. Wet areas need to be properly waterproofed because walls, floors, and tiles can be easily influenced by running pressurized water of unsteady temperature.

Mainly, the cemetery areas where water runs the most demands proper care for leakage and humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens, gardens, and field houses. Every type of surface can be sealed at any time with the full faith of the respective company. Whether a bathroom is under construction or needs modification – sealing is a major necessity.

5 simple steps to waterproof a bathroom with ease

Step- 1: Prepare the surface

The very first step before applying the coat for the waterproof layer is preparation. Pick all the goods placed in the bathroom such as a bucket, soap, shampoos, tub, etc. This will open the surface and the process can be done smoothly and easily.

Step- 2: Clean the bathroom

In case you are modifying a bathroom dust off the dirt particle, grease, acid, or any unwanted mud stuck at the surface. Throw water over the floor with full pressure. Make use of brushes, wipers, and detergents for giving a deep cleansing to a bathroom. Give special attention to the corners and edges as most of the soapy layers gather at this particular point.

Step- 3: Measure the area

The Second and the most important step in fitting a waterproof layer is ‘measurements’. Examine the complete area to be coated and write it down in a notebook – this will help you in estimating buying material according to accurate dimensions. Suppose you want to coat the floor of the bathroom – calculate the length and breadth of the floor. Double-check the recordings if required.

Step- 4: Choose a suitable method to operate

Fix the waterproof sheets in the bathroom

  • You can go with any method of waterproofing as per the requirement. To fix sheets of any type in the bathroom just go through the following steps
  • Sheets are self-adhesive and can be applied simply to the walls and floors of a bathroom.
  • Apply the primer or grout for extra satisfaction or in case you feel they have low adhesive strength.
  • At the corners of the floor and walls, apply sealing tape. Also, seal plumbing pipes and every fitting.
  • It is the perfect time to start attaching sheets to walls- remembers to fix the membrane upside down. Carefully apply every layer of the sheet along with the tapes.

Apply cementitious waterproofing membrane in bathroom

This type of waterproofing is mainly done while constructing the apartments and multiple-story buildings to provide safety from water entrance through roofs and floors. Follow the given steps to understand the idea behind adding a waterproof coat of cement.

  • Deeply clean and chip the waste material attached to the required surface.
  • You can use a trowel and any grinding tool for cleaning purposes – do not settle for even a little dust.
  • Wash the area with cold water and dust off the excess with a broom.
  • Now, the portion is all set for making an incredible change.
  • Mix the sealant to the cement – stir the mixture until they are bonded strongly with each other.
  • Using a brush, apply the substance to walls and floor just like paint. Cover every corner with perfection.
  • Apply 2-3 coats and let them dry.

Step-5: Paint or tile the surface

Once the waterproof coatings are dried up properly, apply your favorite shade of paint on the walls and fix the tiles on the floor. Give a smooth finish to texture by applying lacquer.


Even though the bathroom itself relates to water and water running taps, shower, pipes, drainage, tubs, and sink – it still deserves to make excess moisture-proof. The tiles, walls, floors, and plumbing area must be properly shielded with a suitable membrane. The life span of the entire building will be enhanced.