Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Services

Best Waterproofing Chemicals are always the target solutions of structural firms. They return best on investments. By that I mean, you can ensure the money spent on a construction if an ideal water-shielding is provided to it!

Dr. Fixit is an excellent waterproofing solution for the exterior and interior of buildings and homes.

  • It can restrain foundational structures, bathroom walls, kitchens, roofs, and every water body perfectly!
  • The brand Dr. Fixit always aims higher to deliver the best waterproofing solution to the respective ground.

Waterproofing Services by Dr. Fixit | Best Waterproofing Chemical

Dr. Fixit is one of the best waterproofing chemicals in India and is well known as the father of all chemicals and tonics used for water seepage.

Let’s explore the wide applications of Dr. Fixit’s services.

Dr. Fixit Concrete and Plaster Waterproofing

Dr. Fixit Concrete and Plaster Waterproofing

The most important use of Dr. Fixit waterproofing chemical is seen during the plastering of certain buildings.

It contains special polymers and additional agents that make a bond and protective layer over the surface.

Using dr. Fixit in plaster and with concrete improves plasticity and longevity of the surface as it also protects the entire concrete element from corrosion.

Dr. Fixit Roof Waterproofing

Dr. Fixit Roof Waterproofing

Roof sealing and waterproofing can be done on a great level with the help of Dr. Fixit.

This best waterproofing chemical makes a protective screen that protects it from the sun and the excessive water soakage.

Mixing the chemical with concrete and mortar effectively repairs cracks and breaks as well.

The liquid membrane provides the best and most seamless surface that provides excellent water resistance!

Dr. Fixit Heavy Water Bodies Waterproofing

Dr. Fixit Heavy Water Bodies Waterproofing

Dr. Fixit’s waterproofing chemical is best for heavy water bodies such as water tanks and reservoirs, dams, swimming pools, and concrete water storage bodies.

They are more likely to catch the water droplets and turn them into the major cause of leakage.

By mixing Dr. Fixit Liquid waterproofing membrane into the cement.

And applying them during construction is much more effective than using them after the making.

After applying the first coat, we need to wait for 6-8 hours till the second coating!

Dr. Fixit Tiles Waterproofing

Dr. Fixit Tiles Waterproofing

Tile waterproofing can be done after and before the tile fitting.

Dr. Fixit’s waterproofing chemical service is best for both indoor and outdoor tile applications.

Fill the gaps between the tiles with the cohesive chemical.

Make sure to clean the tiles properly before starting the waterproofing procedure.

Bathroom and Kitchen Waterproofing

Bathroom and Kitchen Waterproofing

Bathrooms and kitchens are the places that deal mostly with water and moisture.

For such areas, only a superior chemical can work well.

And that is none other than Dr. Fixit!

It creates an effective water barrier between the masonry surface & concrete.

Dr. Fixit Best Waterproofing Chemical Silicone Sealant

Dr. Fixit Best Waterproofing Chemical Silicone Sealant

Silicon sealant is an eminent waterproofing chemical sealant with quick and instant results.

It works as an elastic compound that gives adhesion to glass, wood, and cement windows.

You can perform it on your own, the process is very handy to implement.

This silicone sealant is best known for exterior usage as it can withstand higher degrees of temperature.

Polysulphide Sealant – Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Services

Dr. Fixit introduced a highly effective sealant in its range namely a two-component polysulphide sealant.

It is suitable for movable construction materials, construction, and ceiling joints.

You can consider this sealant for use at every crucial joint that needs fixing in water seepage.

Best Waterproofing Chemical Dr. Fixit Acrylic Sealant

Best Waterproofing Chemical Dr. Fixit Acrylic Sealant

Acrylic Sealant is another contemporary waterproofing method to quickly fix interior cracks and breaks.

However the acrylic sealant is flexible to use for both interior & exterior – it is highly used in roofs, bridges, foundation walls, and tunnels!

The reason behind its versatile usage is that it can withstand thermal changes and structural stresses smoothly.

Acrylic Sealant by Dr. Fixit also betters the performance and durability of the structure.

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The Bottom Line

Among the most innovative and advanced ways of waterproofing in India, Dr. Fixit serves at the top.

All the products by Dr. Fixit service are easily available on the market, in online portals, and hardware stores.

Dr. Fixit’s best waterproofing services have a wide range that covers every inch of constructional and foundational buildings.

Hope you will love working with this best waterproofing chemical.

The Best Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions and Bathroom Waterproofing Service Provider in India

Bathroom waterproofing solutions are one of the most important concerns that people must think of, without making the bathing zone water-resistant we may face a lot of trouble in the future.

The entire area of the bathroom is related to a water source – leaking of water in the bathroom could cause spots, dark stains, and dampness in that area.

For maximum benefits, you must take the best bathroom waterproofing services while the construction is under process however the mechanism of waterproofing solutions for bathrooms can be done on an old and existing building.

What is Bathroom Waterproofing?

Waterproofing a bathroom or a shower area means to make the walls, ceilings, and floor of the bathing area impermeable to the water seepage.

Our entire bathing area is related to water and if we did any carelessness in taking care of its dampness it may lead to great damage and expenses!

Generally in India, the months of July, August, September, October, and November bring dry air, excessive sunlight, and rain with them.

Indian climate can be unpredictable sometimes due to unbalanced global calamities – we suggest you take proper account of waterproofing solutions for bathrooms according to the Indian weather.

Why Bathroom waterproofing solutions are Important to Consider?

Since the bathroom remains exposed to water 24X7 – there could be the possibility of leaking at any moment especially if the house does not apply the water-resistant elements during construction.

Water leakage does not only make the surface wet and dirty but leaves marks behind that are more annoying and disappointing.

It can ruin the tiles, ceramic installation, grout joint, paints, and other finishes – so you will eventually feel trapped between higher costs and bathroom repair.

And therefore, to stand at the safest and secure side bathroom waterproofing solutions are important to talk about – since here is the place where moisture is a constant thing.

If you think the water leakage is small, necessary steps must be taken as soon as possible before it could cause further interior damage.

Bathroom waterproofing solutions

Most of the leaking problems in bathrooms come from poor construction, fitting, material, and design – we help you to overcome all possible reasons to make a bathroom fully water-resistant.

We have given the different methods of waterproofing solutions for bathrooms – go through each one of them to have a piece of precise knowledge on bathroom waterproofing.

Self-Adhesive Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions

Self-adhesion is one of the easiest, most effective, and most professional recommended bathroom waterproofing services – these are sealing solutions made by elastic self-glued technology and work great to prevent the water from incoming to walls and floors.

You can directly apply the product to walls and floors without using extra liquid solutions. It is time-saving, easy to apply, and brings instant results.

Polymer waterproofing solutions for bathrooms

This method includes the removal of tiles, bricks, or any additional surface material you have fitted to the walls or floor. Before elimination of the tiles makes sure the plumbing system is all, okay otherwise you may face certain issues.

Polymer bathroom waterproofing solution is the easiest and long-lasting method – all you need is to apply the polymer coating nicely up to 2- 3 layers and lay the tiles. Fix them with grout and seal perfectly.

If you are implementing waterproofing on the existing bathroom – you may be need to remove the tiles. However, it depends on the level of leakage issue. You probably need to redo the installation of floor, plumbing, and drainage if the problems are excessive.

Basic Hacks to prevent Bathroom Leakage

Prevention is always better than the cure and proper planning can make the bathroom free from possible damage and water leakages. Read the given below basic tips to bring essential bathroom moisture protection for durability and endurance.

Construction Materials:

Always ask your designers and builders about the type of material they are using as a bathroom fitting. Are they prone to water? Always choose inorganic materials such as ceramic tiles, stone, marble, granite, plastic, etc.

Plumbing and Drainage:

Hire an expert for the drainage and bathroom plumbing fitting as it becomes one of the major causes of bathroom leakage. Professional knows how to direct water lines in a way that brings moisture to the walls, ceilings, and floor.

Perpendicular Junction:

You may never know this term until now, the baseboard! If the baseboard material and moldings are not only aesthetic but also remain unaffected from water, you can ensure the endurance of bathroom floors and walls.

Fill the cracks and holes:

Keep a regular check for breakages, cracks, and holes – caulk it with the effect of sealing liquid, tape, or a caulk! Silicon is the best caulk tube designed for both bathrooms and kitchens to ensure the ideal protection.

Best Bathroom Waterproofing Services

Now you know all the necessary things about bathroom waterproofing and how important the role of a professional fitter and constructer plays in the entire water-seepage process. You must always make deals with experts – and DampTreat Builcon is one of the great leading industries giving the best waterproofing services all around India.

You are just one call away to have the ideal and effective waterproofing solutions

9 Best chemical for waterproofing In India

Looking to give a promising water resistivity to a construction – we got the best waterproofing chemical for terrace in India.

Get ready to go through the waterproofing chemicals name list below and educate on how things lasts longer even after passing of storms and years!

To make the roofs, floors, and the entire building water-resistant, architectures and designers follow the best waterproofing solutions to create a coating.

We will tell you various waterproofing chemical names that ideally provide a protective shield between the topmost layer and the atmosphere.

Importance of Waterproofing Chemical

  • Waterproofing Chemical plays a crucial role in making a home impervious to hydration, humidity, and moisture, especially during rainy days.
  • No matter how expensive your home is, it does not matter how many rupees, dollars, or ponds someone invested in building up a structure.
  • Over time, every structure went sensitive to water which leads to huge damage, spots, and dullness!
  • Added layer to the foundations and buildings, sometimes known as waterproofing membrane helps in restricting the water penetration!
  • Waterproofing solutions are a great way to shield the building from rust, damage, cracks, and holes!
  • It is the easiest and most affordable method of making a structure resistant to water – using chemicals and waterproofing liquid.

Waterproofing Chemicals Name List

Waterproofing is carried out by membrane and liquid layers, nowadays, some professional architectures and mesons add chemicals during the construction to bring the optimal results.

So, here is the best waterproofing chemical for terrace in India. Moreover, they work equally perfect for other kind of waterproofing as well.

Polyurea Waterproofing Liquid 

Polyurea coating is the most advanced and recent technique for waterproofing solutions.

To make a surface anti-bacterial and safe for kids – the Polyurea Coating waterproofing membrane is most popular among builders.

This waterproofing liquid can be applied rapidly and shows instant recovery on the surface, it is typically carried out by a team of specialists.

Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane


This is the most effective waterproofing membrane used in making their roof-tops and terrace area restricted to water.

Bituminous membrane comes in packed rolls and the workers need to be carefully deal with the flammable membrane.

It is applied by using a certain strong adhesive to the surface –it instantly cures the small cracks, protects the surface of ultra-violet rays, and can be applied to each shape of the roof.

Vinyl Ester Resin Waterproofing Chemical

Another durable chemical for carrying out the best waterproofing solutions – makes the concrete surface safe from acid and rust.

In this method, resin chemicals have very close bonds just like polyesters do all the work of securing the surface from water penetration.

Polyurethane Waterproofing Liquid

This waterproofing chemical is indeed effective and can be quite costly as compared to others – it leaves a seamless and clean finish.

Due to its ease of installation, polyurethane liquid waterproofing solution is chosen by several folks – it does possess durability and wear-tear resistivity.

Even a newbie, can install such waterproofing liquid solution by some DIY techniques.

Epoxy and Grout Injections Waterproofing

Not only flat, curved, or concrete surfaces but various objects such as reservoirs, pipes, trenches, and walls can be treated well with this one of the best waterproofing solutions.

If you see some cracks, older than the recent ones, we can recover them by injecting chemicals of grout and epoxy under a required temperature.

Crystallization Waterproofing Solution

As the name suggests, crystals of certain chemicals help in making the concrete surfaces watertight, it is a high-end technology used to seal the capillaries, cracks, damage, and weaken surfaces.

This waterproofing chemical gives long-term protection due to crystallization properties and penetrates deep into the concrete.

EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is an exclusive waterproofing membrane having excellent elasticity, enduring power, and many vast properties.

It is a synthetic rubber and is widely used for waterproofing solutions!

EPDM is generally used outdoors, roofs, pools, tanks, and garage sealings for making them resistant to water, heat, UV, and steam as well!

Permeability-Reducing Admixtures (Pras)

The waterproofing work of PRAS is quite similar to crystallization waterproofing, it comes in various shapes and sizes which make up its brilliant versatility.

The membrane of this chemical helps in reducing the water permeability from the concrete surfaces, it is an affordable method that promises to stay for years.

Polyvinyl Chloride Waterproofing Membrane

PVC is the most popular waterproofing chemical name which is familiar to each one of us, it comes up in the form of beautiful decent sheets and can be easily spread over flat surfaces.

It is having good plasticity, aging resistivity, and works as an excellent UV protector.

Polyvinyl chloride resin mixed with plasticizer and auxiliaries chemicals helps in layering the waterproofing membrane between the atmosphere and the surface.

The Bottom Line

As per our experience and opinion, these were the best waterproofing chemicals – they are easily available across the country at reasonable prices.

All the given waterproofing chemical names can help in preventing water damage due to leakage, humidity, and dampness.

This waterproofing chemicals name list can lead to eliminating the possibilities of unwanted water seepage, if you act firmly on them!