The Best Foundation Waterproofing Solutions and Foundation Waterproofing Service Provider in India

In construction and building, foundations are the main heroes on which an entire scope of the building is predicted. Waterproofing foundation walls ensure any danger of incoming moisture, cracks, damage, and liquid seepage.

It generally occurs due to heavy rainfall, snowfall, sunlight, or even draught – however, we have also mentioned many other reasons and the respective solutions of the same.

Foundation waterproofing is sometimes called Basement waterproofing because it has a direct relation to basement areas, walls, and the interior structure of the building.

When the basement and the foundation of your home are impenetrable to water – you gain good peace of mind.

What is foundation waterproofing?

When concrete foundations start taking moisture and water to an extent that causes leakage and major harm – it is said as foundation leakage. And the mechanism of making the surface free from all danger of water penetration is known as ‘foundation waterproofing’.

The process of basement or foundation waterproofing includes a protection membrane, wall, or layer that makes the structure durable and healthy enough not to take the water inside from an exterior source.

For this, we will let you know the best waterproofing solutions to shield the structure for over more t than 30 years.

Significance of Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

Foundation is on which the whole building is built – and seeping water through it could be the worst thing to happen to a building. And hence foundation waterproofing is crucially important not only for commercial buildings but for homes and apartments as well.

It protects the future damage to the foundation and entire home.

Water can enter your home or any property when a building faces leakage, foundation waterproofing solutions can prevent such bad scenarios.

Why Foundation Leakage Happen?

A little dampness can become a major issue for water leakage –we must be concerned about the issue from its initial indications. Let us know how and from where this all water-seepage begins to happen.

Common Reasons of Foundation Water Leakage

We all know that concrete, soil, cement, and sand are not resistant to water but highly absorbent of the same. It encourages water elements to go deep down into the basement which gives rise to leaking water issues.

  • Poor Building Construction Planning.
  • Type of Soil – the soil that contracts and absorbs the moisture could increase chances of leakage.
  • Improper fitting of plumbing pipes can raise foundation leakage.
  • Tree trunks can grow into the foundation spot when they are not water properly.
  • Give water to your lawn and ground especially during summer, so that soil does not dry out and cause cracks, breakages, or holes.

Best waterproofing solutions – Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing is done in several ways depending on the industry you are choosing to work with. Damptreat Buildcon is a specialized company in giving the essential and most effective waterproofing solutions of all types.

Basement waterproofing or foundation waterproofing is done in two ways, categorized as:

Primary methods and Secondary methods

In the Primary method, the constructor will add a protection layer or primer to the existing foundation depending on the material and the damage, the product will be used.

Second waterproofing is done by constructing a wall membrane that resists the water by covering the foundation wall, membranes, and primary waterproofing as well.

Waterproofing Solution for a Foundation or basement is typically done based on three major aspects:

Internal Plumbing System Solution

Sometimes when the internal plumbing system is not fixed finely – it needs to be redesigned or fixed as per the present conditions of the basement construction.

Liquid membranes or some strong waterproofing chemicals are also applied in a few cases when there is a need for plumbing waterproofing in the foundation.

Making Foundation Walls waterproof

Water pipes do not only move inside the ground but also through the walls – it can cause dampness and leakage in foundations. Typically, concrete is not waterproof, and to make the foundation wall resistant to water, and humidity – we first need to make the concrete water-repulsive.

They are sprayed from waterproofing chemicals and primers – from top to bottom, horizontal to vertical!

Drainage Solution

Proper drainage has a huge role in waterproofing solutions, no matter how good chemical layers, membrane, or solutions you are applying – it could further cause leakage over time – if you have had no proper drainage to the foundation.

In this type of foundation waterproofing solution, we aim to move the drainage pipes and entire system away from the base of the building to make sure it remains unaffected from any moisture.

Can I do Foundation Waterproofing?

Yes, you can do waterproofing of your foundation as long as you are an EXPERT or a certified constructer! Are you?

If yes, go for it, you better know all the procedures of making a basement and foundation area resistant to moisture.

It is a large-scale civil project which is to be done by a team of professionals only!

Waterproofing Solutions near me

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