The Best Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions and Bathroom Waterproofing Service Provider in India

Bathroom waterproofing solutions are one of the most important concerns that people must think of, without making the bathing zone water-resistant we may face a lot of trouble in the future.

The entire area of the bathroom is related to a water source – leaking of water in the bathroom could cause spots, dark stains, and dampness in that area.

For maximum benefits, you must take the best bathroom waterproofing services while the construction is under process however the mechanism of waterproofing solutions for bathrooms can be done on an old and existing building.

What is Bathroom Waterproofing?

Waterproofing a bathroom or a shower area means to make the walls, ceilings, and floor of the bathing area impermeable to the water seepage.

Our entire bathing area is related to water and if we did any carelessness in taking care of its dampness it may lead to great damage and expenses!

Generally in India, the months of July, August, September, October, and November bring dry air, excessive sunlight, and rain with them.

Indian climate can be unpredictable sometimes due to unbalanced global calamities – we suggest you take proper account of waterproofing solutions for bathrooms according to the Indian weather.

Why Bathroom waterproofing solutions are Important to Consider?

Since the bathroom remains exposed to water 24X7 – there could be the possibility of leaking at any moment especially if the house does not apply the water-resistant elements during construction.

Water leakage does not only make the surface wet and dirty but leaves marks behind that are more annoying and disappointing.

It can ruin the tiles, ceramic installation, grout joint, paints, and other finishes – so you will eventually feel trapped between higher costs and bathroom repair.

And therefore, to stand at the safest and secure side bathroom waterproofing solutions are important to talk about – since here is the place where moisture is a constant thing.

If you think the water leakage is small, necessary steps must be taken as soon as possible before it could cause further interior damage.

Bathroom waterproofing solutions

Most of the leaking problems in bathrooms come from poor construction, fitting, material, and design – we help you to overcome all possible reasons to make a bathroom fully water-resistant.

We have given the different methods of waterproofing solutions for bathrooms – go through each one of them to have a piece of precise knowledge on bathroom waterproofing.

Self-Adhesive Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions

Self-adhesion is one of the easiest, most effective, and most professional recommended bathroom waterproofing services – these are sealing solutions made by elastic self-glued technology and work great to prevent the water from incoming to walls and floors.

You can directly apply the product to walls and floors without using extra liquid solutions. It is time-saving, easy to apply, and brings instant results.

Polymer waterproofing solutions for bathrooms

This method includes the removal of tiles, bricks, or any additional surface material you have fitted to the walls or floor. Before elimination of the tiles makes sure the plumbing system is all, okay otherwise you may face certain issues.

Polymer bathroom waterproofing solution is the easiest and long-lasting method – all you need is to apply the polymer coating nicely up to 2- 3 layers and lay the tiles. Fix them with grout and seal perfectly.

If you are implementing waterproofing on the existing bathroom – you may be need to remove the tiles. However, it depends on the level of leakage issue. You probably need to redo the installation of floor, plumbing, and drainage if the problems are excessive.

Basic Hacks to prevent Bathroom Leakage

Prevention is always better than the cure and proper planning can make the bathroom free from possible damage and water leakages. Read the given below basic tips to bring essential bathroom moisture protection for durability and endurance.

Construction Materials:

Always ask your designers and builders about the type of material they are using as a bathroom fitting. Are they prone to water? Always choose inorganic materials such as ceramic tiles, stone, marble, granite, plastic, etc.

Plumbing and Drainage:

Hire an expert for the drainage and bathroom plumbing fitting as it becomes one of the major causes of bathroom leakage. Professional knows how to direct water lines in a way that brings moisture to the walls, ceilings, and floor.

Perpendicular Junction:

You may never know this term until now, the baseboard! If the baseboard material and moldings are not only aesthetic but also remain unaffected from water, you can ensure the endurance of bathroom floors and walls.

Fill the cracks and holes:

Keep a regular check for breakages, cracks, and holes – caulk it with the effect of sealing liquid, tape, or a caulk! Silicon is the best caulk tube designed for both bathrooms and kitchens to ensure the ideal protection.

Best Bathroom Waterproofing Services

Now you know all the necessary things about bathroom waterproofing and how important the role of a professional fitter and constructer plays in the entire water-seepage process. You must always make deals with experts – and DampTreat Builcon is one of the great leading industries giving the best waterproofing services all around India.

You are just one call away to have the ideal and effective waterproofing solutions