8+ Most common waterproofing problems and How Damptreat Buildcon is helping you by giving the best ever solutions?

8+ Most common waterproofing problems and How Damptreat Buildcon is helping you by giving the best ever solutions?

 “To make your dream home/building stand the test of time, you need high-quality water proofing solutions. Read the blog to unveil some common waterproofing problems and how to deal with them.”

Having your own home in today’s world is no less that a dream coming true. You nourish our home in front of your eyes.

You take every possible effort to make sure that is the perfect place to live for your loved ones till eternity. Seeing your house being ruined by black spots or ugly stains is one of the worst nightmares we could expect.

Water seepage is the root-cause behind this that not only makes your home appear aesthetically bad but damages it structurally a well.

Seepage is one of the most common problems faced by the homeowners globally. The reasons can be many such as water logging due to rain, leakage in pipe, underground water seepage etc.

Even a small leak can trigger the structure damaging process in multiple parts and spots. Going for waterproofing services in the initial stages of construction is the best way to deal with this.

Let’s have a look at some of the common waterproofing problems and how Damptreat Builcon helps you make your home waterproof with their exceptional services.

What is waterproofing?

What is waterproofing

Waterproofing your home means making your home practically impervious to water. The latest waterproofing methods followed by waterproofing experts help to make your property completely free from moisture and water.

An ideal waterproofing plan not only mitigates water entry/seepage but also offers better plan for water drainage as well.

Why it is important to avail waterproofing services?

In order to keep a building healthy, dry and safe for the residents, waterproofing the building is critical.

Since the building will be dry, there won’t be any structural defects, no moulds and mildews, no chances of infection or allergies. And most importantly, waterproofing increases the life of the building.

Waterproofing is extremely vital because:

  • Protects the building interiors from water seepage and damage
  • Prevents many diseases such as mould allergy, fungal and other bacterial infections.
  • Keeps the structural strength of the building intact.
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Better resale value of your property.

How do I know that my home needs waterproofing services?

It may look like a small issue or a small leak, but you never know when this small thing turns into something big and uncontrollable.

Here are some red indicators to look out for that are the potential signals that you urgently need to approach

waterproofing experts.

  • Peeling of paint or blistering
  • Bubbles in your painted wall that carries water
  • Mildew or moulds or other vegetative growth
  • Your concrete façade has rust stains
  • The edges of balconies and stairs carry white stain (Efflorescence)
  • Cracks in walls
  • Rising dampness

Why do I need professional waterproofing service?

Let’s understand why professional waterproofing services are essential. It just costs around 2-3% of the total building cost but if not done, more than 80% of the building damage is due to water seepage only.

Let’s have a look what happens when waterproofing fails. The consequences are heavily vulnerable.

  • Structural Safety

Dampness and water seepage can cause severe structural damage to the building and if left uncontrolled, the building may collapse. This can further increase liability.

  • Uninhabitable

Failures in waterproofing may result in damaging the concrete, mould growth and other vulnerable structural issues that can certainly make the property uninhabitable. This means more repair costs as well as loss of rental income
(if any).

  • Leaks

Water leaks may damage the furniture, walls, carpets along with weakening the building’s structure.

  • Concrete cancer

The concrete in the buildings are reinforced with steel mesh or bars. Exposure to water and air can certainly lead to corrosion of steel that is pretty harmful for the building.

If remain uncontrolled, the corrosion can accelerate and can result in concrete cancer and may harm the building fatally.

Common waterproofing areas and waterproofing solutions

Now, let’s learn about some common waterproofing problem areas and how to deal with them.

1.     Faulty Roofs

Faulty Roofs

Terrace or the roof is the main part of the building that gets impacted the most by the extreme weather conditions such as heavy sunlight during summers, rainfall etc.

Apart from that, most of the homes have water tanks and other pipelines installed at the terrace. A small negligence can result in leakage and water stagnation.

If there are any cracks or gaps on terrace’s surface, this water may seep easily in the building’s structure and start the damaging process.

To avoid this, you need to avail robust waterproofing solutions that will help your property stay protected water leakages.

There are essentially two ways to safeguard. Traditionally methods include creating a slope using mortar and bricks that lead all the water away from the roof.

Other methods include using a thin layer of bitumen on the roof surface. Whatever method you choose, a waterproofing chemical is used in both the techniques.

Due to rigid nature of these waterproofing methods, they may turn ineffective over the years.

Damptreat Buildcon brings you modern waterproofing methods that can help protect seepage over a decade and you don’t have to take the hassle every year.

2.     Exposed Exterior walls

Exposed Exterior walls

Just like roofs, the exterior walls are exposed to weather changes round the year. It includes heavy rainfall, strong winds, UV rays etc.

Apart from that there are many additional factors such as leakage from water tanks, drainage pipes or the underground water harm the wall badly.

There are several factors that may lead to waterproofing failures on exterior walls such as:

  • Poor waterproofing installation methods
  • Wrong or generic waterproofing materials and chemicals
  • Incorrect waterproofing methods

At Damtreat Buildcon, we use materials that have best crack bridging ability and higher-degree of flexibility that ensures that your walls are 100% safe irrespective how nature deals with them.

3.     Weak Interior walls

Weak Interior walls

The interiors walls are not spared either when it comes to water seepage. Increased dampness from exterior walls or adjoining walls does weaken the interior walls.

This may also result in developing cracks, gaps and other similar things. Efflorescence is one the majorly noticed thing in the home which tells that seepage has already triggered.

Kitchens, sinks and the bathroom walls are the major spots that may result in water seepage as well.

The commonly solution to these it to get the home repainted every year which on the other hand is a hassleful process and costly too.

Damtreat Buildon’s exceptional waterproofing services help you preserve your home interiors and keep them pristine always.

4.     Balconies

waterproofing for balconies

If you have open balconies, it’s necessary that they should be properly waterproofed as well.

Irrespective of the direction of the rain, there are other elements as well such as weather than may impact the solidarity of the balconies.

If these are not waterproofed correctly, water may easily enter the building and enter the small openings or pores.

At Damptreat Buildcon, we completely understand the nitty-gritty of every construction aspect and offer you best waterproofing solutions.

5.     Windows

waterproofing for windows

Windows of your home are one such thing that makes it easy for water to enter. Whether open or closed, windows are extremely vulnerable to rainfall and dripping water.

6.     Foundation wall

foundation wall

The foundation wall is the prime component of a structure and water seepage is the biggest threat to it.

The ground water and the water coming down in the form of rain or snow may harm the structure of the building.

There may be several factors responsible for the occurrence of cracks in the foundation wall. Some of them are:

  • Poor construction
  • Uneven ground
  • Water seepage from soil
  • Soil contraction or expansion
  • Freeze-thaw weathering

Gradually, these cracks start wearing down the building and not only damage the interior/exterior walls but woodwork gets spoiled too.

Spotted a crack in your wall? It’s high time to connect with waterproofing experts for a visit.

7.     Inefficient Drainage system

Inefficient Drainage system

Facing drainage problem?

Having a poor drainage system may be one of the reasons that make water enter in your home. This problem is further exaggerated during the rainy season.

In case the water is evacuated and drained near the foundation wall, it will further lead to accumulation of water making the area more sensitive and moisture-prone.

It’s better to get your drainage system treated if they are malfunctioning.

Reach out to waterproofing experts at Damptreat Buildcon and say goodbye to wetness, dampness and other water-ingress problems from the root.

8.     Basement woes | Waterproofing of Basement

waterproofing of basement

Basements are notorious for being damp, dark and foul smelled zones. They lack the cheerful feel.

The lack of sunlight and ventilation avoid basement being dry.

Whatever be the reason, you need to opt for best waterproofing solutions to ensure that your basement stays dry and water should not reach the foundation wall.

Connect with Damptreat Buildcon- the professional waterproofing experts in the Tricity to dehumidify your basement today!

9.     Mould and mildew

Mould and mildew

Mildew and mould are two of the major and most common problems faced by people due to waterproofing failure.

They not only deteriorate indoor air quality but also pose the inhabitants on a high risk of respiratory disorders.

The exceptional services by Damptreat Buildcon ensure high-quality waterproofing services that eliminate any growth of moulds and mildews for years.

Damptreat Buildon- Your Waterproofing experts in the Tricity

Avoid fixing the issues yourself or using DIY approaches as you may further worsen the situation.

Damptreat Buildcon is one of the leading waterproofing experts in the Tricity has years of experience in top-notch water proofing and damp treating techniques.

Our professional team assists you in choosing the right products, waterproofing methods, techniques and right methodology to get started.

Customer satisfaction, quality-work, efficient and timely delivery is their USP.

Planning to construct a home or renovate it? Make sure to waterproof you site with specialist and future-proof your home for years to come.

For more waterproofing solutions, visit us at Damptreat Buildcon or call us at 9878140003 for a site visit.